Raiding at the “Intercity”!

Raiding at the “Intercity”!

Is it easy to work with a state-owned company? Do you think that the decision to extend the duration of contracts adopted at the level of the Board (collegial executive body of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”) would provide you with fruitful cooperation and the contracts will not be terminated in a week after signing? We don’t want to disappoint you but, get ready for the worst scenario.

This is precisely what happened with LLC “ICOM” and LLC “Officer” companies, engaged in advertising at high-speed trains “Intercity” since 2015. This right was won by the companies in an open competition, which was conducted by “Ukrainian railway high-speed company”, the branch of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” (hereinafter — “URHSP” branch).

During this time, “ICOM” and “Officer” earned record earnings among all branches for the “URHSP” branch. Given this, the management of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” on June 21, 2018, extended the validity of contracts with the companies “ICOM” and “Officer” until December 31, 2018. But the new acting Director of the branch “URHSP” Sergei Leibuk ignored the decision of the Board.

Acting Director of the “URHSP” branch, Sergey Ivanovich Leibuk holds his post from June 6, 2018. Previously, he worked as the Chief Engineer of the Boryspil Airport. At the media market, everyone knows that the advertising agency “Megapolis”, which was founded by Olga Vasilieva, is engaged in advertising at the Boryspil airport.

Leibuk S.I. handed over right to place the advertising in Intercity trains to the “Media Direct” company, which was also founded by Olga Vasilieva. This contract was signed by management of the “URHSP” branch on June 25, 2018, without a competition, ignoring the decision of the board of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

And already on June 27, 2018, Media Direct appealed to all clients of the companies “ICOM” and “Officer” with a proposal to resigne contracts on advertising in Intercity trains with Media Direct.

In our opinion, such actions by Sergei Leibuk and Media Direct can be considered as a real raider and corruption. We believe that we have all the grounds.

Firstly, in the presence of the decision of the board of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” to extend the term of contracts with the companies “ICOM” and “Officer”, the management of the “URHSP” branch signs an agreement with another company. We can assume that the management of the “URHSP” branch will argue its decision by the fact that the “Media Direct” company, allegedly, offered better conditions. At the same time, we know that at the moment of the proposal “Media Direct” to the “URHSP” branch received a proposal from another company, which exceeds the proposal “Media Direct”.

Secondly, the contract with “Media Direct” was signed without a competition, in violation of the legislation and a number of internal procedures.

Thirdly, the company promoted by a new management of the “URHSP” branch, offers all customers of the incumbent operator to re-sign advertising contracts.

Fourthly, Mr. Leibuk flatly refuses to meet with the representatives of the companies “ICOM” and “Officer” and explain to them his position. Despite the fact that even with a transparent competition from these companies there is a priority right to extend the term of the contract with the “URHSP” branch.

Fifthly, the chosen company is directly related to the activity of the agency that is actively working with the Boryspil airport.

Therefore, the management of “ICOM” and “Officer” companies decided to apply to the court and appeal to anti-corruption authorities with a requirement to give an appropriate assessment of the actions of the new head of the branch. We also appealed for assistance to the head of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” Evgeniy Kravtsov and other officials, including Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv and Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian.

Dear partners, we apologize for any temporary inconveniences. We are confident that we will be able to resolve this situation in the near future and restore the process in a legal way, to restore our legal rights to work with “Intercity” – the media channel that we have developed.

With kind regards,

The team of the «Intercity» magazine